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All Willow Knight wants is her family back together. She was six years old when her home was invaded, her brother taken away, and her mother murdered before her eyes. Years later, she is chosen to serve the family who rules the Scarlets, Mystics whose magic is known for its mischief. Separated from her father, the only family she has left, she must work hard to keep her darkest secret- the magic she has inside her, a magic that's supposed to be extinct. Willow knows one wrong move can lead to her death, but in the dangerous game she plays, the only certainty is betrayal.


Book Two in The Mystic Series

A Knight will battle the shadows causing an end of peace or an era of unity.

Willow escaped the Scarlet region with her life and family intact - or so she thought. 

As the darkness reveals himself, Willow's dream of uniting her family shatters in front of her as a sacrifice needs to be made. 

Finally coming into her true power, Willow struggles to fight the pull the darkness has on her.

Will Willow be able to control her power and use it for good? Or will the prophecy burn as the darkness takes ahold?


A fun and adventure filled story that teaches inclusion and belonging!

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Ahri Goes to School is a fun story revolving around confidence and self-esteem!


A simple, detailed guide that walks you through the steps of publishing and provides over one hundred questions regarding your characters and world to help you finalize your book.
A calendar is also provided that can be used in any year that includes monthly goals and achievements.
You won't be able to miss a thing with this detailed workbook!


After defeating the God of Shadows and fulfilling the prophecy, Willow Knight is left to pick up the pieces. Even as she reluctantly ascends to power with the support of her soulmate, Jayce, she is preoccupied with keeping the remains of her shattered family close, with undoing Jaxtyn's sacrifice, and with preventing the regions of Izariyah from devolving into war. Slowly, her confidence in herself as a leader grows. Willow can help Izariyah and return it to its former glory.


But the shadows are still lurking, whispering. The united world Willow envisions hangs in the balance.


Pre-order for May 11th, 2024!

Born with the rare gift of foresight and the powers of the three realms: Fire, Ice, and Night, Princess Aurora has always known a life intertwined with destiny. Bound by visions that guide her toward the future, she feels like she has no control over her own life.

When she starts to have visions of her evermate, a man with striking golden eyes who she will be bonded to forever, her first instinct is to run. When the shackles of a predestined future become too unbearable within her world, Alyanthi, she endeavors to carve her path on Earth, yearning for freedom from the oppressive rule of Hedrick, Queen Riona’s husband who turns her gilded palace into a gilded cage.

Racing against time and the relentless pursuit of the King and Queen of the Firerealm, Aurora finally tastes the exhilarating yet fleeting sensation of freedom. However, as if teased by the cruel jest of fate, the Goddesses’ unwavering plan directs her life back into the life she’s trying to escape.

Alyanthi and the three realms that exist within it need her. Peace and balance within her world may be something only she can bring, and the weight of this truth sits heavily on Aurora’s shoulders. It’s a burden she doesn’t feel equipped to carry. Engulfed in a surreal world of magic and political intrigue, she has two choices: accept her destined role, or rebel against the forces that seek to shape her fate.

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