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The descriptions are well done, and the pacing flows nicely. The author is well on her way to becoming a master of her craft. Fantastic Read!

Silver's Ascent

I read this book all in one sitting and don't regret it one bit! It has just enough of everything to be completely enthralling; mystery, adventure, humor, a will-they-wont-they romance, and suspence for days. The first-person story telling really brings you into the mind of a rebellious girl who slowly has to learn how to trust people after being on her own her whole life. The lore and characters are both fascinating and down to earth. Definitely looking forward to book two.

Silver's Ascent

This is an excellent story for children. I love how it teaches the lesson of finding joy and peace with your differences. Additionally, it tells a fundamental tale of accepting others, which is a topic that is more important today than ever. I highly recommend this story!

Ahri, The Dog Who Thought She Was a Bear

Woman Writing


Writing Journey

I have been writing and telling stories since I was ten years old. Perhaps it was inevitable that I would call grappling with words and language a career—and loving every moment. I am privileged to share my work and love for art and writing with the world. Stay tuned to discover more about my work, writing process and future endeavors!

A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Wri

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen


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